A Working Guide to Flyingfish of the Western Pacific Odyssey



Steve N.G. Howell

Rob Tizard

Michael Boswell

John Ryan


Photo by SNGH


Offshore Wildlife is pleased to host A Working Guide to Flyingfish of the Western Pacific Odyssey.by Howell, Tizard, Boswell and Ryan! 

As you’ll see from the manuscript linked below, the diversity and beauty of the Flyingfishes, family Exocetidae, has been little appreciated by those of us who spend much time on land.   The “Western Pacific Odyssey” a birding and Natural History voyage offered by Heritage Expeditions, is one of the few opportunities to see a large selection of these amazing animals.

In the absence of a usable system for field identification, the authors have used in-flight photos to document and categorize the coloration and flight characteristics of these fish.


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